(M/T: Arthur Pewty)

(The idea had been growing in my brain for some time)

I tried sugar, but it ain't no good.
I had rice, forget it.
I had beans and steak and kidney pie and apples,
do you understand?
I had the whole fucking menu again and again.

Now the table is empty,
and there is nothing left,
and there was food galore.

I had to much already,
but I do want more.
What can I do, when I'm still hungry.

When I'm still hungry.

I tried TV, now TV is such a bore.
Cheap entertainment, not what I'm looking for.
Don't like it soft, I prefer hardcore.
I want it flying high and standing up and down on the floor.

Well, I saw a lot,
and I didn't like,
anything I saw.

I had to much already
but I do want more.
Now what can I do, what can I do...

When I'm still hungry. (2x)

Hunger is what keeps me going.
Hunger is what keeps me clean.
Hunger is my inspiration.
Hunger makes me fucking mean. (4x)

(vom Album "Life itself is sweet, sweet, sweet")

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